• Bartender Spotlight: George Brinser

    Are you a fan of talented bartenders using their bar like a painter uses his palette and brush to create new and wonderful things for us to enjoy? I know you are, and you only have to head to Winter Garden to find one of these artists in George Brinser. George runs the bar at The Tasting Room at Chef’s Table. Located in the historic Edgewater Hotel in Winter Garden, both the restaurant and the bar are fast becoming one of the places to go. One of the main reasons is George, and the love he shows for his craft. He has been behind the stick now for over 12 years, and is clearly dedicated to making every visit one to remember.

    George first used Wicked Dolphin Spiced Rum by artfully blending his take on a barrel-aged version of a Sidecar. His twist on a classic plays well together with the Wicked Dolphin Spiced Rum and Cointreau in one of our signature charred barrels. When asked ‘Why Wicked Dolphin?’ he was quick to say, “My love to both support local and use products found in our backyard is important to me.” Winter Garden is well known for its part in the Citrus business, especially orange groves. George likes the thought of featuring a Florida rum that honors this local history by using Florida oranges as an integral part its recipe. He is currently working on his third Wicked Dolphin featured cocktail for spring. His skill is proudly displayed behind the cozy bar with many variations of tinctures, syrups and shrubs.

    I had to ask, with a busy bar and always working on new ideas, how does one fine time to relax? He admitted, “One of my favorite cocktails to make at home when no one is looking, is a Baybreeze.”

    The nice thing about going to see George is he is there for the guest experience, and to create something personally for you. All you have to do is ask, or order one of his locally inspired Wicked Dolphin Cocktails he has already honed and crafted, with you in my mind.

    Oh, and by the way George, I hope that Baybreeze is a Wicked one. Cheers!

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