Volunteer At The Distillery

At Wicked Dolphin Distillery we fill, label and bottle our spirits ourselves and offer Volunteers the opportunity to come in and assist us with this process. You’ll be working right alongside our distillers and staff while we bottle our award winning rum.

We typically bottle every 2 – 3 weeks, on weekdays. We do not bottle on weekends and a typical bottling day will last about 5 – 6 hours.

What To Expect

You’ll be on the bottling line, unloading glass, corking, labeling, capping, shrinking, tagging, boxing and being our quality control.

In order to volunteer you must be able and willing to stand on your feet for the duration of the shift, you must have a great attitude, love Rum and come ready to work and have a good time.

You will be on your feet most, if not all of the time, and working for the duration. Sensible work clothes and closed-toed shoes are required. (NO Sandals!)

Some positions will also require heavy lifting (cases of rum) up to approximately 20 lbs.

The Distillery can get very hot, especially in the summer, so if you find you are easily overheated, we would not recommend Volunteering.

How Do I Get On The Bottling Crew?

We have a few thousand people who sign up for the Bottling Crew. To make things fair, 50 names are randomly selected and an email is sent. The first 5 – 10 people to respond will make it onto the Crew.

Please take into consideration that if you do not live in the area, and are vacationing, the selection is random and we cannot guarantee your being contacted during the duration of your stay.

If you have been confirmed for a Crew, we are counting on you and you’re expected to arrive at the distillery, on-time, on the day of the bottling. Failure to report for a Crew after you have been confirmed, without notifying us, will revoke your eligibility for future crews.

What’s In It For You?

In addition to the rare opportunity to participate in the Rum making process we’ll give you lunch/dinner and at the end of your shift and you’ll walk away with a bottle of Wicked Dolphin Rum or RumShine that you bottled. How could life possibly get any better? What are you waiting for?

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